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Cheers to the Switchback Kids

Cheers to the Switchback Kids

In July 2014 we received an email from a young man named Cole Donelson.   He said that he and his wife Elizabeth were planning a year long trip to all 59 of the National Parks.  He expressed a bit of surprise that someone was already on such a journey–especially someone from their hometown of Kansas City.  He asked us if we would like to meet them to share a few ideas.  We agreed, but were a bit skeptical.  We had already been traveling the National Parks for three months.  We learned quickly how challenging the travel was and how expensive such a trip is.  We were also aware of a dozen or so people that had attempted to do such a trip and had flamed out along the way.  We first met Cole and Elizabeth at a coffee shop in Parkville, Missouri. Continue reading


7 Off-the-Beaten-Path Adventures in Utah’s “Mighty Five”

Editor’s Note:  Our friends Elizabeth and Cole Donelson enjoy getting off-the-beaten-path at the National Parks.  We are proud to share their story about doing just that at Utah’s Mighty Five.  We are also proud of them for what they are accomplishing on their quest to see all 59 National Parks.  Enjoy.

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