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Are All National Parks Worth Return Visits?

Are All National Parks Worth Return Visits?

Let us say upfront that we would return to any of the 59 National Parks if the circumstances were right.  All of them are special.  All of them have unique things to see and do.  All of them are an important part of our heritage and deserve to be protected for future generations.  With that said, our circumstances have changed. Never again will we attempt a year long sprint to see all of anything.  It is an expensive and exhausting enterprise.  It was also worth every bit of the effort we made to do so.  Are all of the National Parks worth return visits?  For us at least, the answer is no.  Continue reading


What Do You Dream About When You Are Awake?

Editor’s Note:

We met Michael via Twitter and were thrilled when he agreed to post a guest blog for as our send off.  We are so inspired by his writing, his take on life, and his love of the National Parks.  Please check the link for his excellent book Your Guide to the National Parks of the United States.  It is in our National Park library!

Psychologists ask “what do you dream about when you’re asleep?” But the more important question might be “what do you dream about while you’re awake?” Do you dream about finding true love? Getting a promotion? Winning the lottery? Continue reading