Nuts and Bolts–Mostly Nuts

We are so excited to launch today! Working with our web developer Phil Singleton of, we were able to launch the site three weeks before the January 1st deadline. Soon, we are going to blog about developing and launching a website. It may be of interest to “first-timers” like us. Thanks Phil!

The content for will really ramp up on April 1st–the day we arrive at Hot Springs National Park. Until then, we will be making a number of dry runs. We plan to blog about Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge and Ft. Scott National Historic Site in the near future. Look for a blog soon on buying a recreational vehicle soon. We have to buy one first. is still a work-in-progress. Twitter is going full blast and we have a Pinterest link. We will be launching Google+ next with YouTube to follow. We have to wait until after Christmas for YouTube–think I am getting a camcorder for Christmas…

After we explore Hot Springs National Park, we will post our thoughts and photos. At that time we will announce on Twiiter and here where our next stop will be. Our route will be a secret, our journey will be available to all to follow and enjoy.