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Our Thanksgiving Post–Ten Photos

Our Thanksgiving Post–Ten Photos

We feel so grateful for our opportunity to visit and photograph the 59 National Parks.  We know that we have been given a unique opportunity to share our journey too.  We are especially thankful to everyone that has followed along and supported us in our travels.  It has meant so much to us. We want to share for Thanksgiving those photos that we especially enjoy–both the photo itself and the backstory.  We rank our favorites here one through ten.  Enjoy!

1.  Half Dome, Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite was packed but we managed to find a quiet place along the Merced River to take in the majesty of Half Dome.  You may recall that we called this the Most Beautiful Place in America. We stand by that.

Yosemite National Park

2.  Navajo Arch, Arches National Park.

We captured the multi-colored Navajo Arch on the Devils Garden Trail.  On a beautiful day at the Park we were the only ones there.

Arches National Park

3.  Mount McKinley, Denali National Park.

We were able to join the 30% Club early on the morning we were leaving Denali.  This shot was taken from eighty miles away from the 20,237′ peak.

Mount McKinley

4.  Summer Thunderstorm, Badlands National Park.

We lived in South Dakota and have been to the Badlands many times.  We made a quick swing through last June on our way to Glacier National Park.  The Badlands were exploding with color because of the wet South Dakota Spring.  The contrast of the landscape with the approaching storm was pretty amazing.


5.  Toketee Falls, Douglas County Oregon.

When we go to an area, we try and take in as many sites as we can.  When we visited Crater Lake National Park, we took a day to go on a waterfall tour on the nearby Scenic Highway 138.  The falls were a breathtaking payoff for the moderate one mile hike.


6.  Female Black Bear, Shenandoah National Park.

We were heading back to camp one evening on Skyline Drive and spotted this female Black Bear in a tree.  The road was elevated at this point.  The base of the tree was 30-40 feet below the road so we captured her at eye level. While we were only about fifteen feet away from this bear, we remained in the car.  Safety first for us and the bear.  She had a cub in the tree with her, but she declined to hang around for another photo.  The whole encounter lasted fifteen seconds before the bears left.

Shenandoah National Park

7.  Lighting Ceremony, Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

Mount Rushmore conducts their lighting ceremony virtually every night.  Even though we lived in South Dakota and had been to Rushmore many times we attended our first Lighting Ceremony last June.  It is a moving, patriotic event.  We recommend that anyone that visits the Black Hills take the time to go.

Mount Rushmore

8.  Steller Sea Lions, Kenai National Park.

At Kenai, we took the marine park cruise.  We saw some pretty incredible things from glaciers to Orcas.  We felt especially excited to capture these endangered Steller Sea Lions sunning themselves at the Park.


9.  Egret, Big Cypress National Preserve.

Big Cypress is adjacent to Everglades National Preserve.  It is a wild place with limited development.  We snapped this photo from a gravel road, but only after two alligators had vacated the small pullout.

Big Cypress National Preserve

10. Sol Duc Falls, Olympic National Park.

Olympic National Park is really a special place.  It has mountains, rain forest and ocean coastline.  We enjoyed the short hike to Sol Duc Falls.  The view of the triple falls was even better.

Olympic National Park

We wish everyone the best Thanksgiving ever with your family and friends.


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