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59 national parks

Up and Down at the Zion Narrows

I met DJ, Tyler and Kyra from Salt Lake City via Instagram.  DJ reached out to me to see if I would like to hike with them while we were at Zion National Park, Utah.  I said yes and suggested that we hike the Zion Narrows.  We met at the Visitor Center and took the 45 minute shuttle ride to the paved River Walk at Temple of Sinawava.  On the shuttle we got acquainted, made our hike plan and shared smart aleck remarks.  It was a precursor to the day to come. Continue reading

59 national parks

Grand Canyoneering With @Canyonology

A grand and unexpected thing that has happened on our National Park journey is that we have met and became friends with over forty people via social media.  As we have noted, we only became social media users over the past year.  One of the finest Tweeps we have met along the way is Mike Campbell (@Canyonology on Twitter), proprietor of Grand Canyon Guide Company.  Last Summer, Mike contacted me and asked if I would like to hike with him at the Grand Canyon.  I checked his reviews. No brainer!  We set up our hike for October 27th. Continue reading

59 national parks

A Brief National Park Update

Editor’s Note:

We write this having visited 48 of the 59 National Parks.  It has been an incredible experience with many more adventures to come.  Next up is Big Bend National Park after which we are going home for the holidays.  We will ramp things up again in January.  We do not expect to finish until the first week of June which coincidentally is week 59. Continue reading

59 national parks

Our Wild Ride to Crater Lake National Park

Part of our itinerary strategy for this Fall swing through the National Parks was to avoid snow.  We love snow adventures and have some planned for this winter.  We just didn’t want to be put in the position of hauling the trailer over snowy mountain passes.  It is challenging enough pulling the camper through dry mountain passes.  Our biggest concern for snow was at Crater Lake and the Sierra in California.  We wanted to see the Parks there in September before the snow covered the highways. Continue reading

59 national parks

Everyone Should Take an RV Vacation

We came reluctantly to RVing.  We were hotel people. We had never spent one night in an RV, much less owned one.  Ultimately, we decided to buy an RV for our 59 National Park adventure for two reasons.  First we thought we would save money (we have ).  Second, we wanted to take our dogs along (we do–many people take up RVing for this reason).  After fifty RV parks since March 24th we have discovered that traveling with a camper is fun.  We have concluded that everyone should take an RV vacation at least once. Continue reading

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The Most Beautiful Place in America

We have been to a number of beautiful places so far on our 59 National Park journey.  Honeymoon Beach at Virgin Islands National Park.  Abrams Falls at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Cadillac Mountain at Acadia National Park. Avalanche Lake  at Glacier National Park.  Mount McKinley at Denali National Park.  We could add many more places to this list.  After visiting the Yosemite Valley at Yosemite National Park we are convinced it is the most beautiful place in America. Continue reading