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We are Don and Shelly Hafner from Kansas City, MO.  We are professionals with advanced degrees.  We have been married for 32 years.  We have two adult sons and one grandson. We enjoy travelling together—always have.  We have been to most of the states in the U.S.  With this journey, we will complete one of our goals of going to all fifty.  Additionally, we have travelled to numerous other countries including Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Venezuela, and the UK.  We have visited most of the Caribbean.  Our favorite spot outside of the United States is Barbados. We also enjoy photography, cooking and the Kansas City Royals.  Gluttons for punishment, we know.

Our dream to visit all of the US National Parks in a short period of time evolved unexpectedly, but quickly.  We reviewed a number of ideas, spoke with a number of people, and tweaked our plan many times.  We hope to present a message of freedom and spirituality. Please do not expect political messages—there won’t be any.  Our purpose is not to develop a review site.  Rather we expect to tell the story of what it is like for two people to plan and make such a trip.  Our journey will have an element of surprise.  We are not going to publish our travel plans in advance.  Rather, we will blog about and share photographs as we get to each National Park.  We will begin at Hot Springs National Park on April 1st, 2014.  We know where and when we are going to reach National Park #59.  That will be July 4th, 2015.  Please follow along to learn where we will be.

In addition to www.59nationalparks.com, we will be making extensive use of social media.  Follow us on Twitter, Google+, Pintrest, and YouTube.  Our primary blog will feature National Parks.  In addition, we will have a blog called “The Excellent Adventures of Bubba and Lilly”.  Bubba and Lilly are our dogs.  This blog is primarily for children though we hope that it appeals to all. We believe it is important for children to value our National Parks and to develop a desire to travel.  There is no better way to learn.

59nationalparks.com is a business venture.  What we are doing fits well with many categories.  We will be offering our best National Park photographs for sale on the site—matted and framed.  We are in search of one national sponsor.  Categories that work well are, but no limited to:

  • ·         National campground companies.
  • ·         Camping gear and outfitters.
  • ·         Recreational vehicle companies.
  • ·         Travel and tour companies.
  • ·         Photography companies.
  • ·         Pet suppliers.

We have a business plan to share with interested parties.

On February 26th, 2014 we partnered with Flow397 as our official gear supplier.  We fully support their mission to support the National Parks and look forward to working with them.  Get into the Flow!

We are strong supporters of small businesses who rely upon the National Parks to make a living.  We will have a unique webpage for each National Park.  We will be offering limited advertising space for each park we visit on our website.  Categories here could be local restaurants, coffee shops, outfitters, RV supplies, photography shops and independent camp grounds. 

We are also interested in affiliate marketing partners to work with on our website.  Currently, we are partnering with National Geographic Bags.

Along the way we will be available to the press for interviews and appearances.  We are also very interested in sharing with school children.  Contact us at the email or phone number listed above.

Finally we want to thank our web developer Phil Singleton for his enthusiastic support and excellent work on www.59nationalparks.com.  Look at his work and services here:  http://kcwebdesigner.com/

We so look forward to our journey and from hearing from those who follow along.